Examples of our work

Stakeholder consultation

New policy or programs can require targeted consultations. Alt Beatty often assists at this developmental stage. We facilitated and reported on:

  • Publicly advertised forums in 15 metropolitan and regional locations across Australia to inform the development of the 2010 National Women’s Health Policy. A significant proportion of participants in some locations were from Aboriginal or culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
  • Six workshops of community housing providers, co-operative members and local government representatives throughout NSW to plan for future community housing.
  • Workshops of consumers, health practitioners and support agencies in eight capital cities to inform the development of the National Eye Health Plan.
  • Facilitation of and reporting on 50 focus groups across Australia, including consumers, providers, staff, regulators and other aged services representatives for the Two Year Review of Aged Care Reforms.
  • National consultations with clients, carers and service providers about overnight respite, involving an online survey, visits to 20 locations across Australia and telephone interviews.
  • Consultations with service providers throughout Australia for the evaluation of the HACC Minimum Data Set.
  • Focus groups of users of HACC services for the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, including with non-English speaking users.