Examples of our work

Program and policy development

    Pioneering work in community care, aged and disability services
    Assignments fundamental to the design and development of national programs:

    • Development, trial and roll-out of the unit cost framework for the Home and Community Care (HACC) program. This framework still forms the basis of community care costing to-day.
    • The HACC Service Provision Targets study: a quantitative and qualitative framework to support the planning of HACC services throughout Australia. We introduced the concept of three planning ratios to the program: service provision, service intensity and service reach. These ratios continue to be reported and used for program planning.
    • A discussion paper, Eligibility for Community Care, considered international literature and practice on community care eligibility systems and the steps needed to be taken for a national eligibility system for the HACC program.
    • The first national survey of Aged Care Assessment Teams.
    • Development and trial of quality reporting models for packaged community care and national respite programs.
    • Development of the first accreditation guide and training package for residential aged care services.
    • Development of a quality improvement framework and monitoring system in 2005 for the then new Australian Transition Care program.
    • The costing of unmet need for disability support services for two studies by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, see the 1997  and 2002 reports.

    Identifying and defining innovative service models
    NSW HACC services which are advancing an enabling approach to their support of older people were identified and described as part of the HACC Better Practice project. Our work was the basis for the handbook for community care providers:

    • “Empowering people, enhancing independence, enriching lives”. Download from the handbook link in the Better Practice section of the HACC website.
    • A similar exercise identified good practice case studies in regional, rural and remote aged care for the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing – view the Rural Aged Care Report (large PDF download).
    • Development of a new service delivery model for carers counselling, information and support services funded by the Australian Government.
    • Three studies investigating the needs of and appropriate support models for people with dementia or with younger onset dementia, and their carers, including those from Aboriginal or culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Two of these studies are available at the Alzheimers Australia Website.
    • A literature review of disability intake, assessment, prioritisation and referral systems.

    Innovation in social housing

    • Development of an asset holding model for NSW rental co-operatives.
    • Development of new models for community housing, including governance and financing arrangements such as shared equity options.
    • Projects to advance community renewal and regeneration in and around housing estates: identifying options to reduce the barriers to social housing tenants’ participation in the labour market (that is, workforce disincentives); a framework for housing workers to facilitate improved learning, employment and local economic development on priority housing estates; and a framework for effective community involvement in community regeneration partnerships and initiatives.