Examples of our work

Evaluation and review

    National reviews
    Our national reviews have included:

    • Assisting the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing with its review of Australian Government funded community care services. We provided advice on community care costs, funding models, consumer directed care and assistive technology and facilitated workshops on these and other review issues.
    • A review of the National Carer Counselling Program for Carers Australia.
    • A review of quality reporting to the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing by packaged care and respite providers.
    • Reviews of the Australian Day Therapy and Assistance with Care and Housing for the Aged (ACHA) programs.

    Statewide reviews
    Statewide reviews include:

    • Evaluation of the Boarding House Reform Program and subsequent related projects – stakeholder consultations for review of the Youth and Community Services Act and a review and re-design of the screening tool used for entry to licensed residential care centres;
    • A post-implementation review of Housing Pathways, a common application system for housing assistance developed across 28 community housing providers and all Housing NSW offices.
    • Individual program evaluations such as of the Tenant Handypersons Program, the NSW Migrant Career Development Program, the NSW Seniors Information Service and the NSW Professional Dementia Network.

    New program models
    Evaluations of new program models include:

    • The Trial of Consumer Directed Care by the ACH Group in South Australia.
    • A Carer Mentor Program initiated by Carers Queensland.
    • Experienced Hands, an inter-generational, pilot program in NSW.
    • Homeshare NSW, a pilot housing program which matches frail older people living alone with younger people.
    • Hey, Dad! groupwork programs to support Aboriginal fathers (see our review report) and fathers of children with a disability (see a summary of this review).
    • New England’s home visiting services.
    • Dementia respite services operating in rural and remote areas of Central and South Western Queensland.