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Elizabeth Rowe

Elizabeth specialises in social policy advice, research and evaluation and public sector management. She became a consultant in 2001.

Elizabeth has held many senior public sector positions, including Chief Executive and Assistant Chief Executive positions in social policy, women’s issues, and public sector management. She was the first New Zealand Equal Opportunity Commissioner and founding Chief Executive of the New Zealand Families Commission.

Her consulting experience includes:

  • Assisting the Federal Government with the development of the new (December 2010) Women’s Health Policy.
  • At the invitation of the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance, providing advice on the role of the new Auckland Council (which covers 40% of New Zealand’s population) in improving social well-being for Aucklanders. This has resulted in the recent (February 2011) announcement of the Social Policy Forum, the first in the country to promote joint action by both levels of government.
  • Creating the processes for a major new initiative to prevent family violence. This initiative included ten government agencies, peak non-government organisations, the judiciary, and children’s and families commissioners.


Master of Arts (1st Class Honours) (Victoria University)
Senior Executive Program (London Business School)

Carrie Hayter
Carrie specialises in research and evaluation and in translating research to practice through training. She has a passion for working with agencies engaging with diversity. She became a consultant and trainer in 2005.

Carrie has worked in the aged and community care and disability sectors for over 20 years. She has held influential policy and research positions working for the Aged and Community Services Association of NSW & ACT, the NSW Government and in the community care sector in Britain.

Carrie’s consulting and training experience includes:

  • Developing training and resources in building culturally competent aged and disability services. She co-wrote the first Cultural Competence and Case Management Training package for the Ethnic Communities Council of NSW;
  • Undertaking research on social inclusion, culture and disability for the National Ethnic Disability Alliance;
  • Contributing to the Alt Beatty project on wellness and enabling approaches in NSW –“A Handbook for Community Care Services – Empowering People, Enhancing Independence, Enriching Lives”;
  • Developing training and resources for aged and community care and disability services in implementing person centred and enabling approaches.


Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) University of NSW, Sydney
Masters of Economics (Honours) University of Sydney, Sydney

Beyond our current associates, we have included in our project teams colleagues with additional expertise in consulting with Indigenous communities, in quality management systems and in residential aged care operations.

National reviews
Our national reviews have included:

  • Assisting the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing with its review of Australian Government funded community care services. We provided advice on community care costs, funding models, consumer directed care and assistive technology and facilitated workshops on these and other review issues.
  • A review of the National Carer Counselling Program for Carers Australia.
  • A review of quality reporting to the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing by packaged care and respite providers.
  • Reviews of the Australian Day Therapy and Assistance with Care and Housing for the Aged (ACHA) programs.

Statewide reviews
Statewide reviews include:

  • Evaluation of the Boarding House Reform Program and subsequent related projects – stakeholder consultations for review of the Youth and Community Services Act and a review and re-design of the screening tool used for entry to licensed residential care centres;
  • A post-implementation review of Housing Pathways, a common application system for housing assistance developed across 28 community housing providers and all Housing NSW offices.
  • Individual program evaluations such as of the Tenant Handypersons Program, the NSW Migrant Career Development Program, the NSW Seniors Information Service and the NSW Professional Dementia Network.

New program models
Evaluations of new program models include:

  • The Trial of Consumer Directed Care by the ACH Group in South Australia.
  • A Carer Mentor Program initiated by Carers Queensland.
  • Experienced Hands, an inter-generational, pilot program in NSW.
  • Homeshare NSW, a pilot housing program which matches frail older people living alone with younger people.
  • Hey, Dad! groupwork programs to support Aboriginal fathers (see our review report) and fathers of children with a disability (see a summary of this review).
  • New England’s home visiting services.
  • Dementia respite services operating in rural and remote areas of Central and South Western Queensland.